Can I connect any Bluetooth device to a Q? A smartphone? A laptop? A tablet?

Yes, Q connects wirelessly to ANY Bluetooth device!

Returns Policy
If your Vers system was purchased online through the Vers website, you have 30 days to return it for credit; you will be responsible for all return shipping costs. It is important that contact us first for authorization and instructions via email to Hello@versaudio.com – we cannot take responsibility for returned units without prior authorization, sorry. The product needs to arrive in ‘new’ condition with all original accessories and packaging to receive full credit; you may be charged for any missing accessories. Refunds will be issued on the credit card used for the original order for the cost of the merchandise returned. If your Vers merchandise was purchased through an outside retailer, you must return your unit to the original place of purchase. Please refer to that retailer’s return policy. 
All Vers sound systems carry a one year warranty against defects relating to materials and workmanship. If you have a technical issue, please contact us first via email to Hello@versaudio.com.  All returns must be accompanied by a RA number. Authorization may be obtained by contacting via the Technical Support Form on this page.
…how about my mint condition 1979 Sony L2 Walkman?

Of course – you can connect ANY device to a Q or a 1.5R via the 3.5mm Aux in jack!

Can I plug two 1Q’s together?

Yes, 1Q is set up to automatically switch from mono to stereo when a second 1Q is plugged in using a 3.5 mm 4 pole audio cable (not included). Check your manual for details.

How long does a charge last and how long to recharge a Q?

The life of a charge varies depending on use, but approximately 10 hours with a 1Q and 8 hours with a 2Q. Recharge time is about 5 hours maximum.

Can I charge my Q with the USB port on my computer?

Yes, Q can be charged from a computer, laptop or with any USB charger.

Can I play a Q system while charging?

Yes you can.

Can I hook up a Vers sound system to use as a speaker for my computer?

Yes! Q systems can connect via Bluetooth or the 3.5 mm Aux In jack using the supplied cable.

I’m having trouble getting my Q system to connect via Bluetooth – what should I do?

Sometimes  Bluetooth devices miss each other in ‘discovery’ – try powering off your Q and shutting off the Bluetooth function on your device. Turn both back on again and try again – that usually does it.

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